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was established in June 2011,which is a high-tech enterprise specializing in design,R&D,manufacturing and sales of coreless motor.Excellent products and best service make our company developing rapidly since established as we have accurate market positioning, efficiency and profession of R&D team.

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Brushless Dc Motor For Micropump Xbd-1640Q

Brushless dc motor for micropump xbd-1640Q takes electronic commutation, the coil does not move, the working principle of magnetic pole rotation, has special advantages for specific applications such as long service lifetime,high speed and easy to use.

BLDC Motor For Micro Pump Of XBD2232

Micropump applications for liquid and gaseous media require a variety of motion options to meet the needs of end users. Our brushless DC motors feature long life and high speed and provide feedback.

BLDC Motor Of 16mm For Access Control

Sinbad Motor changed the way to open the door.

Brushed Gear Motor For Simulation Soccer Robot Xbd-3571

Brushed gear motor for Simulation soccer robot xbd-3571 is although small in size and light in weight, it is powerful, solid in structure and high in durability, ensuring accurate and fast motion of the simulated soccer robot.

Brushed Dc Motor For Automatic Watch Winding Box

Brushed dc motor for automatic watch winding box adopts Sinbad XBD-1640 metal brush gear motor which has high efficiency and low noise,has high nominal speed 11200 rpm and nominal torque 10 mNm.

Metal Brushed Dc Motor For Rotary Tattoo Machine 1625

Metal brushed dc motor for rotary tattoo machine 1625 has extremely high efficiency and excellent dynamic performance. It is especially suitable for rotary tattoo machine. It has light weight, low running noise and almost no vibration.

Brushed Coreless Dc Motor For Aerospace Valve 4070

Brushed coreless dc motor for Aerospace valve 4070 uses a high-efficiency permanent magnet, the rotor is light in weight, can achieve a very small moment of inertia, and the acceleration is particularly large.That's why the brushed coreless dc motor 4070 can be used in Aerospace field.

Brushed Dc Motor With Encoder For Electric Fixture 2230

Brushed dc motor with encoder for electric fixture 2230 can provide 10248rpm nominal speed in 12V nominal vol.It's max efficiency is 75%.The encoder provides feedback to help achieve accurate motor speed and position control.

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