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was established in June 2011,which is a high-tech enterprise specializing in design,R&D,manufacturing and sales of coreless motor.Excellent products and best service make our company developing rapidly since established as we have accurate market positioning, efficiency and profession of R&D team.

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Coreless Brushed DC Motor For Electric Curtains

have high power density, so you can use a smaller motor to transfer the original load or use the same size motor to transfer a larger load. High efficiency helps the motor stay cool in harsh environments, increasing the reliability and life of the material operating system.

Coreless Brushed DC Motor For Electric Garden Punner

The XBD-2642 features a rare metal commutator. This type of commutation system features small size, very low contact resistance, accurate commutation signal and low noise, making it ideal for low current load systems and battery powered applications.

Coreless Burshed DC Motor For Mirco Pump 2431

Our brushed hollow cup DC motors feature simple control, long battery life and compact components. Our brushless DC motors feature long life and high speed and provide feedback.

Coreless Burshed DC Motor For Electronic Lock 2431

The most outstanding feature of this product is that its rotor is a self-supporting oblique winding enameled wire with no iron core. The resulting low weight minimizes inertia. There are no cogging effects during operation and these motors are therefore uniquely dynamic.

Brushed Coreless DC Motor For Beauty Equipment

Sinbad has always been committed to the development of high quality brushed coreless dc motor for beauty massage products.

Brushed DC Motor For Automatic Baler XBD2342

Shenzhen Sinbad Motor CO., Ltd is a professional engaged in the Coreless DC Motor R&D, production and sale of high-tech enterprises.

Brushed DC Motor For Robot XBD2238

High-performance refrigeration systems require high-quality drive components to ensure quality, and Sinbad's coreless brushed dc motors can make your product work even more efficiently.

Brushed DC Motor XBD2230 With Gearbox

Sinbad Brushed Coreless DC Motor XBD2230 with gearbox for Automation Equipment can take the good experiences to customer's products.

Our company adhere to the operating idea of CUSTOMER ORIENTED AND DETERMINED TO FORGE AHEAD, providing the superior quality and service to customers with the principle of QUALITY IS THE LIFE.

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