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was established in June 2011,which is a high-tech enterprise specializing in design,R&D,manufacturing and sales of coreless motor.Excellent products and best service make our company developing rapidly since established as we have accurate market positioning, efficiency and profession of R&D team.

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Micro DC Motor For Micro Pump XBD1331

Sinbad offers a variety of solutions for matching micropumps, just one of them.

Brushed Dc Motor For Electric Curtain Xbd3250

Brushed dc motor for electric curtain xbd3250 adopts high quality parts. It is stable and durable, and has long service life. Max output power is only 26.1w at 24v. Under the premise of ensuring that the motor can drive the curtain, the motor power is as small as possible.

Hollow Cup DC Motor For Medical Pipette

Electronic pipettes for molecular biology, analytical chemistry, and many medical assays deliver accurate and repetitive delivery of samples and reagents while reducing the risk of repetitive muscle stretch injury.

Brushed DC Motor For Tattoo Pen XBD1230

Under the influence of young artists nowadays, today's tattoo industry has greatly subverted people's past impressions. At this time most people know Sinbad Motor.

Brushed DC Motor With Gearbox For Model Steam Locomotive

In recent years, model trains have been widely loved by adults and children. According to the needs of use, the toy train produced has more selectivity and special fine shape.

Coreless Gear Motors For Camera And Detection Equipment Xbd1331

Coreless gear motors for camera and detection equipment xbd1331 is reliable and stable that they can delicately operate. 12V motor can run 9280rpm nominal speed, 2.0mNm nominal torque, and the max efficiency can reach 81%.

Brushed DC Motor For Rotary Tattoo Machine

The rotary tattoo machine uses a hollow cup motor to drive the needle instead of the electromagnetic induction coil, which makes the entire device lighter and quieter.

Brushless Coreless DC Motor Of XBD45100H

Automotive wiper control systems require hundreds of millions of high-speed precision operating cycles. In this application, motion accuracy and repeatability are key performance factors that require long life and high acceleration in a small space.

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