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was established in June 2011,which is a high-tech enterprise specializing in design,R&D,manufacturing and sales of coreless motor.Excellent products and best service make our company developing rapidly since established as we have accurate market positioning, efficiency and profession of R&D team.

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Dc Motors For Electric Nail Gun

dc motors for Electric nail gun When productivity and fatigue into a challenge, a hand-held electric tool that is efficient to save time and improve the yield of solutions, with our BLDC XBD-2854 brushless motor series, you can obtain the required high torque density, keep the smaller and...

High-performance Brushless DC Motor 2854

High-performance Brushless DC Motor 2854 Brushless DC motor (BLDCM) is developed on the basis of a brushed DC motor, but its drive current is accommodating AC; brushless DC motor can be divided into brushless speed motor and brushless torque motor . Generally, there are...

High precision BLDC Motor 1525

High precision BLDC Motor 1525 The brushless DC motor itself is an electromechanical energy conversion part. It has sensors in addition to the motor armature and permanent magnetic excitation. The motor itself is the core of the brushless DC motor. It not only...

Wholesale Various High Quality Coreless DC Engine 3263

The electric tools are mostly series-excited motors with brushes inside. The motor has the characteristics of small size, large power and high rotation speed. But can't work long hours. Most of the speed of the electric tool motor speed is the same motor speed, through the output of...

High Power Brushless DC Motor

How to choose a motor? There is no best use, only suitable for you, so I will not recommend which one you use, I only tell you the difference between each paragraph, let you choose which one is more suitable for you. XBD-2230 Coreless DC Engine with High Torque and Speed for Tattoo Machine and...

Specialized in the design and manufacture of BLDC Motor

Hollow cup motor advantage: 1, energy-saving features: high energy conversion efficiency, its maximum efficiency is generally more than 70%, some products can reach more than 90% (iron core motor is generally 70%). 2. Control characteristics: start and brake quickly, response is extremely fast,...

Customized Supply Electric Lock Coreless DC Engine

Technical data: Product Name: DC Planetary Gear Motor; Rated Voltage: DC 12V; Rated Current: 0.3A; No-load Speed: 128RPM; Rated Torque: 42KG.CM; Stall Torque:; Total Gear Motor Length(Approx.): 161mm"; Out Shaft: 8*2.8mm ; Keyway: 19*4mm ; Material: Metal, Electronic Parts; 1.Small...

Tattoo Machine And Beauty Equipment Coreless Engine

Motor diameter: 22mm Motor length: 30mm Planetary gearhead diameter:22mm Planetary gearhead length depends on the reduction ratio. This type of motor is mainly used for Tattoo pen can be used for machine, robot, golf cart, electric tools, electric scissors, electric doors and windows. The export...

Our company adhere to the operating idea of CUSTOMER ORIENTED AND DETERMINED TO FORGE AHEAD, providing the superior quality and service to customers with the principle of QUALITY IS THE LIFE.

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