BLDC Motor Of 16mm For Pruning Machine

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Product Details

BLDC Motor of 16mm for Pruning Machine

Motor type. coreless brushless dc motor

Size. dia 16mm*length 40mm

Color. matt black

Hole. 4holes

Shaft dia. 1.5mm

Used in. pruning machine

Weight. 58g

Packaging. standard packaging

Certificates. RoHS, ISO9001, SGS etc

Description of BLDC Motor of 16mm for Pruning Machine

As we all know, battery-driven tools are known to have very different operating characteristics than other motor-driven applications. First, the resistance is small when the bolt is screwed or the jaws are clamped or the clamping tool approaches the workpiece. At this stage, the motor plus the encoder will run at a faster free speed, saving time and increasing productivity. Sinbad Motor offers advanced solutions for this application, which maximizes power and efficiency while improving the user experience. Not only that, but other application types of fasteners, fixtures and cutting tools will benefit from this higher performance motor.

Data of BLDC Motor of 16mm for Pruning Machine


Your application challenge

Freedom of movement: Higher performance and more flexible tools in smaller packages.

Productivity: Faster free speeds and higher peak torque for more work faster.

Security: Smooth and consistent operation, no stuck.

Comfort: Lighter, more compact and less vibrating.

Efficiency: precise speed, optimum torque and longer motor life.

We can offer for you

Faster deceleration: Save time in the free running phase, complete each operation faster and start the                                        next operation.

Greater peak torque: Reliably perform light to heavy work with the same tool.

Small size and light weight: A more compact, ergonomic tool around the micro motor provides                                                               maximum power density.

Reduce operator fatigue: Give workers the tools they need for comfort throughout the day.


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