BLDC Motor Of 22 Diameter For Nail Gun

If you need to put the most power and precision in the smallest space, then you can rely on the engineering experience and superior production of your micro motion solution partner Sinbad Motor.

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Product Details

BLDC Motor of 22 Diameter for Nail Gun

Dia. 22mm

Length. 57mm

Shaft dia. 3mm

Brush. brushless

Color . matt black

Nominal vol. 24V

Nominal speed.  21200rpm

No-load speed. 26500rpm

Speed at max efficiency. 23983rpm

Speed at max output power. 13250rpm


Gas-based passive frame systems are an effective solution to reduce cost of ownership and increase productivity in hard-to-reach spaces. Use an impact motor to mix fuel cell gases and drive exhaust fans before combustion. And our 22-diameter series of impact-resistant passive motors have low current consumption and high duty cycle, and are suitable for various types of electric nail guns and other power tools.

Parameter Sheet


Our parameters are not fixed and we would be pleasure to offer you with customization if you need.

Customized Programs

Winding option reduces current consumption

The length and shape of the shaft are easy to install

Cables and connectors

Shape customization increases integration


Hollow cup technology increases efficiency and extends battery life

High power density reduces component size and weight

Special bearing design absorbs shock

Impact resistant rotor extends equipment life


Sinbad Motor's Advantage

Quality. Relying on the low vibration, efficiency and precision of the motor, more power can be supplied in a smaller space.

Reliability. Reliability is achieved over a long lifetime by motors designed and manufactured using the industry's most advanced technologies and materials.

Effectiveness. Use to generate all the torque you need Motors that consume less power while creating a more compact, accurate and energy-efficient solution.

Customization. Needs customization? Our motors are designed to be easily and quickly retrofitted so you can get exactly what you need with the price and delivery time available in the ready-to-finish solution.

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