BLDC Motor Of 2250 Series

Sinbad Motor's brushless motors have a multi-pole design with a torque capability close to that of a much larger motor. Compared to the same size brushless DC motor, the continuous torque in the entire low speed range of a typical gearbox is up to twice.

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BLDC Motor of 2250 Series

Sinbad Motor's brushless DC motors have the ultimate cost of optimization without compromising on their superior performance. The BLDC Motor of 2250 Series delivers high continuous and peak torque over a wide range of operating speeds with limited iron loss and no friction or brush wear.



Application Fields

  • Medical analyzer

  • Humanoid robot

  • Material control

  • Mechanical arm

  • Seat drive

  • Electric hand tool


  • Extra torque at low speed

  • High moment density

  • Lower speed drop with load

  • Cost effective and meets most applications

  • High power and efficiency at high speed

  • Maintain the right balance of speed and torque performance


  • Connector

  • Different coil impedance

  • Shaft length




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