1331 DC Coreless Motors

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Sandard Parameters:

1331 Series               
Rated Voltage                        61224V 
Armature Resistance                 2.8313.752.9


Max Output                          3.112.572.66W 
Max Effect                         777676% 
No-load Speed                        10600990010400RPM 
No-load Current                  0.0720.06050.0555A 
Stall Torque         
Friction Torque             
Speed Constant                       1790835439rpm/V 
Back Electromotive Force Constant    0.561.22.28mV/rpm 
Torque Constant                      5.3511.421.8mNm/A 
Current Constant                    0.1870.0870.046A/mNm 
Speed/Torque Slope                   94610001070rpm/mNm 
Rotor Inductance                     703101100


Mechanical Time Constant              777ms 
Rotor Moment Of Inertia               0.710.670.63gcm2 
Angular Acceleration                  160150160.103rad/s2 

(Remarks:Above the specifications just for your review only,customized according to your need.)


XBD-1331 Applications
Tattoo machineElectrical-toolsModel carMedical-instrumentsModel-aircraft

Why a Brushed DC Motor?
The brushed DC motor is the classic motor that is used in applications like motorized toys, appliances, and computer peripherals. This type of motor is inexpensive, efficient, and especially useful for providing high speed and power in a relatively small package.


can combined with gear/ encoder/ gearbox/gearbox+encoder



we design different specification's motor to our customer's special needs






Speed and voltage: speed constant

• rotating winding in the air gap

– in an inhomogeneous magnetic field

– induced voltage Uind (EMF) depends on
• geometry
• magnetic flux density
• number of winding turns
• speed n
• speed constant kn

– inversely proportional to kM

– inversely proportional to generator constant (V/1000 rpm)

Structure diagram





Why Is this MotorBrushed?

Electrical contacts on each side of the motor are necessary to reverse the polarity and get the commutator to keep the motor constantly spinning. These contacts are not actually brushes. This type of DC motor is referred to as brushed because early designs of this motor used copper brushes as the contacts. Although in today's motors the commutator is indeed brushed against the contacts, actual brushes are not used.

Structure diagram




The company attaches importance to product quality, strict management, fine workmanship, production quality and product defects rarely or almost no, so the level of high quality products, so the price of the product is also high.


How Can You Find the Right Brush DC Motor for You?
This part is easy. There are many different types of brush motor and Sinbad motor has virtually all of them for you. There are flat, or rectangular, motors for feeding and loading, and round ones that are mainly used for spindles. You can also select a brush motor according to rated load/rotation speed, that is, according to your required torque/speed characteristics.

1:When can I get the quotation?    
A:We usually quote you within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the quotation, please call us or tell us in your mail, so that we could regard your inquiry priority.
2:What's the price?
A:The price is based on clients' specifications,such as the speed, voltage etc.
3:What's the delivery time?
A:For all the order we have a schedule,
the earlier you place order,the faster we finish it.
4:Can you send some samples before the order?
A:Yes of course, we send samples to confirm the quality first.
5:How to deliver the goods?
A:we will deliver via Express such as UPS,FEDEX,DHL,TNT etc.
It is fast and safe.If quantity is large, we will send by sea.
6: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A: We are factory.

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