1331 Series Coreless DC Motor For Sweeping Robot

We supply high torque and speed 1331 Coreless DC Motor for sweeping robot with CE and ROHS Materials IP54,which is reliable and stable that they can delicately operate, precision in medical treatment format. All the instruments and apparatus have to be precise and reliable. This type of motor can offer the max output power is 3.5W with 1 year warranty. We devoted ourselves to coreless motor for 10 years, covering Asia, Europe, and South America robot industry getting good praise. We are expecting to become your long term partner and solution supplier in China.

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Product Details

Model : XBD-1331 with gear box

Brand : XBD

Origin Country : China 

Diameter : 13mm

Length : 31mm

Induction of the 1331 Series Coreless DC Motor for Sweeping Robot

This type of 1331 series Coreless DC Motor will offer the Sweeping Robot with high precise and reliable control, lower vibration and noise on the robot. We can make the customized shaft and holes at the front cover. Depending on the model, the drives just barely weigh 60 to 80 grammes, yet can nonetheless deliver the necessary performance – thanks to our high efficiency factors of up to 80 percent. Most of important, we can customize motor parameters for our customers which will give full play to product advantages.



Features and Application of 1331 Series

This 1331 Series coreless motor is small ,light, precision, reliable control and delicately operate, which can offer high torque and speed for medical equipment.

Small vibration offering the best experience for customer.

Reliable and stable with long lifetime.

100% complete inspection of the materials after we get from our suppliers and products before ex-factory to ensure the quality for our customer.

The perfect substitute for European motors which can save lots of time and cost for our customer.


        High quality copper wire

      Imported bearings from Japan

  Sturdy coils after high temperature

       and high pressure treatment

    High quality permanent magnet        Wear-resistant metal shaft      High quality plastic back cover


High quality production technology perfectly replaced European products.



Deliver Shipping and Serving


We can provide an comfortable shopping experience for our customers and offering door to door service.

Once the customer finished the payment, we will make fast production and delivering to customer's office by express without any worry.

Meanwhile we can offer our customer 1 year warranty without any human damaged factor.

We can offer one-stop service from solution, prototype to production, our customer only focus on perfect their own product.


Q1: How much is the packaging size?

A: Packing size is in accordance with your order, your product specifications to determine the package size.

Q2:How much does shipping cost and what shipping methods do you support?

A: Shipping is calculated based on the weight of the order and the distance it is travelling; we competitively price for each order using our special shipping rates from our partners. For online shoppers you can see a shipping estimate after placing products in   your shopping cart and starting to check out.

Q3: Available online methods are DHL Ground, DHL 3 Day Air, DHL Expedited (2 Day Air), DHL Express (Next Day Air PM), and DHL Priority Express (Next Day Air AM). For FedEx pricing please contact us for specific pricing.

Q4:When will my order be shipped?

A: Normally it would take 20 days for samples and 30 days for mass order.

Q5: What is your Return Policy?

A: Warranty 1 year without human factor damaged.

Latest news

The customer from Swiss place the order of XBD-3571 motor for the meat cutter machine on 11th Aug. 2018.



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