1725 Coreless Motors For Tattoo

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1725 Series                 

Rated Voltage                        
Armature Resistance                 
Max Output                          
Max Effect                         

No-load Speed                        
No-load Current                  
Locked-rotor Torque                  
Friction Torque             

Speed Constant                       
Back Electromotive Force Constant    
Torque Constant                      
Current Constant                    

Speed/Torque Slope                  
Rotor Inductance                    
Mechanical Time Constant             
Rotor Moment Of Inertia              
Angular Acceleration                 


1725 coreless motors for Tattoo Rules and Tricks:

Prick the texture changes the fog, as long as the needle length is 4-5 mm, the voltage control at about 7 volts, if your hand moves slowly, you can be smaller voltage, so the frequency will be very slow, so the skin lesions Will be very small, suitable for repeated embossing create a variety of texture, you want to stab the depth of thorns can be controlled by hand, heavy color can be buried needle, light color can be suspended needle, very easy and convenient. Lesions can be as small as your imagination, a few days ago I do flower arm, or even in the past couple of days piercing the matte area to continue adding color.

Thorn uniform fog, the needle is the key, you need to control between 2-3 mm. The sun motor I use now, the general trip in about 5 mm, this time we need to reload the needle needle into the needle, piercing, the needle exposed needle about 2-3 mm, so stab the fog The surface is very easy to be uniform. Because the needle is too long, the motor has no concessions, the needle will push the skin during the movement, which is very difficult to control. But it can not be too short needle, because it is not good color, easy to skin lesions. Voltage here can be changed according to need, small voltage damage is small but relatively slow; fast voltage but not suitable for repeated thorns, poor control of skin lesions.

Spike high saturation fog (heavy color or totem), the needle can be controlled at 3-4 mm, the voltage control at 7-9 V, the same need to adjust, the voltage is low, the skin lesions of small, large voltage fast frequency.

Secant, Buried Needle acupuncture in the 1-3 mm, according to the size of the needle adjustment; Needle hanging needle method is arbitrary, 3-4 mm ink is better. Voltage can be higher, 8-10 V can, according to the speed of their own hands to adjust.

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