2022 Coreless Micro DC Motors

To find reasonable delivery way to ship your goods.
Supply to Southeast Asia,India , Middle East, South America and Africa market.

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  • To find reasonable delivery way to ship your goods.

  • Supply to Southeast Asia,India , Middle East, South America and Africa market.

  • High energy conversion efficiency .

  • Standardized packaging.



Sandard Parameters:

2022 Series                    
Rated Voltage   12V
Armature Resistance        


Max Output                  W
Max Effect                %
No-load Speed                10000±10%RPM
No-load Current                  0.06A
Stall Torque                   220g.cm
Stall Current              1.7A
Starting Voltage            1V Min

(Remarks:Above the specifications just for your review only,customized according to your need.)


XBD-2022 Applications
Balance-carTattoo machineElectric eyebrow knifeAutomatic-curtainsBeauty-equipment


can combined with gear/ encoder/ gearbox/gearbox+encoder








coreless motor wihtoutiron core

Brushed DC motors:
The first DC motors used brushes to transfer current to the other side of the motor. The brush is named so because it first resembled a broom-like shape. The little metal fibers rubbed against a rotating part of the motor to keep constant contact. The problem with brushes is that they wear out over time due to the mechanics. The brushes would create sparks due to friction. The parks often melted insulation and caused shorts in the armature and even melted the commutator.
The first motors were used on street railways.
Uses a split ring commutator with brushes. 
-Used in a myriad of applications, has easy speed control using level of voltage to control.
-Has a high starting torque (a powerful start)
Limitations: brushes create friction and sparks, this can overheat the device and melt/burn the brushes, therefore the maximum rotation speed is limited. The sparks also cause radio freq. interference.


Payment of terms 




1Q:What industries are your motors being used?
A:Our gearboxes are widely used in the areas of household appliances and light industry,etc.
2Q:How to delivery:
A: By sea - Buyer appoint forwarder, or our sales team find suitable forwarder for buyers.
By air - Buyer offer collect express account, or our sales team find suitable  express for buyers. (Mostly for sample)
3Q:What kinds of certifications do we have?
A1:CCC, ISO9001.
4Q:Are we trade company or manufacturer?
5Q:Can the electric motor be custom made?
A3:Yes. We can change the color, size, something else according to your needs, which base on the basic configuration.
6、Do you have this series of products?
Dear customer,yes,we do.You could also provide the drawing of  a model or the original sample which you required by.The more information you offer us,the more precise we can meet your demand.

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