2230 Coreless Dc Motors

XBD 2230 motors are manufactured to order, and production takes about a week.Application areas: tattoo pens, medical machinery, precision instruments, aviation toys, ....

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2230 Specifications:


XBD 2230 motors are manufactured to order, and production takes about a week. If you do not see the options you need, please email us.

Standard: 12V

2230 double hole parameters.jpg

2mm Shaft

Picture is an example.

Application areas: tattoo pens, medical machinery, precision instruments, aviation toys, ....

Requires: 2230 coreless dc motors



We did not see the motor you want, you can contact us for more details.

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About us

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1. Q: What kind motors can you provide?                              


     We are specialized in all types of micro DC brushed motors,coreless motors,coreless servo motors,include vibration motors ,gear motors and planetary gear motors with diameter range from 6 mm to 40 mm.


2. Q. Could you provide us a price list of product range?           


     As you know that we are one of the top OEM and ODM manufacturers for micro DC brushed motors,coreless motors and servo motors in China. The parameters of custom-made motors vary from the rated voltage, speed, current, torque,outlet shaft, etc. So it is difficult for us to offer you the price list of standard motors. If you can offer us the detailed parameters and order quantity of the motor, then we will quote you our best price immediately.  


3. Q. How could we get your samples?                    


Normally as we are the factory, we wouldn’t offer the motor samples for customer retail. We only want to offer the sample motors to customers who wants to use our motor to research and develop their products.

   We can offer the samples as per customer request and charge the sample fee, but we cannot cover the shipping fee.After confirm the final order, we can deduct the sample fee from the order payment. 


4. Q. Could we visit your factory?                               


    Of course, we welcome you to visit our factory any time, but please inform us 2-days before visiting. 


5. Q. How long is your delivery time?                          


    The delivery time varies from 10- 25days depends on different motor types.

   For the coreless motor can be delivered within 15-20 days for normal parameters and normal materials.

    And for the DC coreless motors or gear motors should be at least 20-25 days.  


6. Q.What is the minimum quantity of the order?            


     There are different MOQ for different motors, normally vary from 100-2000pcs depends on the motor you needed. 

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