2845 DC Coreless Motors

​- Advantage:
Customizations on request.
Looking forward to work with your esteemed company.
R&D,produce and supply various DC gear motor and Micro DC motor .

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- Advantage:

  • Customizations on request.

  • Looking forward to work with your esteemed company.

  • R&D,produce and supply various DC gear motor and Micro DC motor .

  • When you got the goods, test them, and give me a feedback.

  • OEM quality cylinder coreless motor.

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- Sandard Parameters:

2845 Series                    
Rated Voltage   24V
Armature Resistance        


Max Output                 21.8W
No-load Speed                6040rpm
No-load Current                  20mA
Nominal speed               rpm
Nominal torque             mNm
Nominal current  A
Stall torque 0.14Nm
Stall current  A
Max. efficiency  %

(Remarks:Above the specifications just for your review only,customized according to your need.)
How to Select a Brush DC Motor?
The first step in selecting the appropriate Brush DC Motor is to determine your maximum required speed. After this is determined, decide whether or not a gearbox is required. Typically a gearmotor should be used for max speeds less than 1000 RPM, and a Brush DC Motor only if max speeds exceed 1000 RPM. Next, decide what torque your application requires. When using a gearbox, be sure to select the appropriate gear ratio by dividing the maximum speed of the gearbox by the max desired output speed (See ‘Formulas for a Brush DC Motor' for more information).

Calculating Motor Speed, RPM for a Brush DC Motor:
=V-(Tt/Kt+I0)/Ke×Rt ಏ 1000

Where: V= supply voltage, V; Tl = load torque, oz-in.; Kt = motor torque constant, oz-in./A; I0 = motor no-load current, A; Rt = motor terminal resistance, Ohms; Ke = motor voltage constant, V/1,000 rpm. It is possible to solve for an unknown quantity (voltage or current) when speed is known.
Determining Speed and Current Flow for a Brush DC Motor:
W = (VSI x Rmt) / KE and I = TL / KT + INL

Where: W = Speed, VS = Supply Voltage, Rmt = Motor Terminal Resistance, I = Current, T = Load Torque, KE = BackEMF Constant

After you have determined speed and torque requirements, select a frame size for your Brush DC Motor that will fit your application, and also generate the amount of torque needed. Then, select the appropriate windings. Select the winding that will most closely deliver the desired current draw and speed, given the load torque and supply voltage. (See ‘Formulas for a Brush DC Motor' for more information).
A general rule to keep in mind when selecting any type of Brush DC Motor is the environment in which it will be running. Be sure to consider what the Brush DC Motor will be exposed to (excessive heat, fluids, debris, etc). Also keep in mind any standards or regulations that have been set, the cost of the Brush DC Motor, and any type of special customization options that may be available from the manufactuer that will better suit your application requirements.


XBD-2845 Applications
Electric engraved lipsElectrical-toolsTattoo machineMedical-instrumentsBeauty-equipment
Household-applianceselectric-screw-driverGate driveAutomatic-curtainsTattoo-machine


can combined with gear/ encoder/ gearbox/gearbox+encoder

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Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, paypal
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Trading Info
1.Trade Terms: FOB,CIF,EXW
2.Payment terms: T/T,Western Union,PayPal,MoneyGram.
3.Payment Condition:30% deposit advance,70% balance after deliver at best
4.Delivery Time: 7-15 working days after deposit;3-4 working days for inventory
5.Packing: Standard Export Carton
6.Shipping: By air,by express and by sea delivery


After-sales Services
1.No MOQ limited
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We are specializing in DC Coreless Motor.Our products are exported to the world!
Provide high quality, Bring honorable value. 98% of clients come back to us for repeat orders.
1.Sample Available
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3.OEM & ODM Available
4.Small MOQ
Question1: Where is your plant?
A: Located in Shenzhen city, Guangdong province, China.
About 30minutes by car from Shenzhen airport and about 1 hours from HK airport.
Question2:Could you accept OEM or ODM ?
A : Yes, we have a strong R&D team. We have rich experience on OEM&ODM.
Question3:Do you accept customize?
Answer: Sure,as we have a strong design team,any problems will get our technical answer.
Question4:What kind of data do i neet to provide if i want to order?
Answer: Please kindly tell us your voltage,speed,torque and overall dimension.
Question5:What if i don't know the above data?
Answer: Please contact our saleman to handle,we'll answer your questions patiently.
Question6:Do you have this series of products?
Dear customer,yes,we do.You could also provide the drawing of  a model or the original sample which you required by.The more information you offer us,the more precise we can meet your demand.
Question7:How long can I receive the sample?
Generally speaking,the delivery of sample within 15 days.If otherwise,we will notify you immediately.
Brush DC Motor History?
The history of the Brush DC Motor can be traced back to the 1830's, when Michael Faraday set to devise an experiment to demonstrate whether or not a current-carrying wire produced a circular magnetic field around it. Michael Faraday's experiment turned out to be a success; the current-carrying wire did produce a circular magnetic field.
While Michael Faraday is often credited for the invention of the electric motor, his experiment is really just a lab demonstration; it can't be harnessed for useful work. Several other scientists such as Joseph Henry and William Sturgeon based their work on Faraday's experiment and theories. By the late nineteenth century the design of Brush DC Motor had become well-established. The demand for the Brush DC Motor has skyrocketed since then as a necessity in industrial applications.

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