Brushed Dc Motor For Electric Curtain Xbd2225

Brushed dc motor for electric curtain xbd2225 provides automatic control device, and meets stringent operating parameters - low noise and smooth operation.

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Motor Description

XBD-2225 coreless brushed dc motor can provide automatic control device, and meet stringent operating parameters of low noise and smooth operation, so it is widely used in electric curtain.  It provides a blackout curtain automatic clsoing device which controls the motor through a light intensity sensor, and can automatically close the curtain according to the strength of the sunlight. 

When the sunlight is strong or the temperature in the house reaches a certain height, the motor starts to close the curtain. In order to achieve the purpose of shielding the sunlight; avoiding the discoloration of the items in the house due to the excessive sunlight, and also when the sunlight is weak, the motor is opened and the curtains are opened.

Brushed dc motor for electric curtain xbd2225

Low weight reduces battery consumption

High power density helps achieve compact components

Gearbox increases torque output and reduces motor diameter

Smooth operation from open to closed

Ball bearings extend service life

Reducer increases output torque

Encoder can get position feedback

Motor detail

Item number. XBD-2225

Dia. 22mm

Length. 25mm

Brand name. XBD

Place of origin. Shenzhen, China

Color. shiny silver

Packaging. standard carton with foam

Certificates. ISO9001, SGS, RoHS etc.

Motor parameter drawing


We also can produce products according to your requests.

Factory profile


We're over 10years experience professional coreless dc motor manufacturer,  our quality is trusted by global customers,  and we also can provide OEM/ODM service to our customers. We have strict inspections from raw materials to finished goods,  team of 30 skilled engineers. We have received a good reputation from our overseas customers. 

Contrast on Maxon Motor


Sinbad motor can fully be replaced Maxon motor. 


Q. What's the price?

A. The price is based on clients' specifications,such as the speed, voltage etc.

Q. What's the MOQ?

A. MOQ is flexible if the product is not complicated.

Q. What's the delivery time?

A. For all the order we have a schedule, the earlier you place order,the faster we finish it. 

Q. Can you send some samples before the order?

A. Yes of course, we send samples to confirm the quality first.

Q. What's the payment term?

A. For small amount,we accept 100% payment via paypal. For large amount,we accept TT.

Q. How to deliver the goods?

A. we will deliver via Express such as UPS,FEDEX,DHL,TNT etc.

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