Coreless DC Motor With Planet Gearbox

Coreless DC Motor for Robotic Arms 1625 Series.This series used widely,such as tattoo gun, medical machine and so on.

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Induction of Coreless DC Motor with Planet Gearbox

This series of Robotic Arms Coreless DC Motors not only provides users with good shock resistance, but also can control the strong and high efficiency. It can also make customized shafts and holes on the front cover. Depending on the model, the necessary performance can be provided - thanks to our high efficiency factor of up to 80%. The most important thing is that we can tailor the motor parameters to meet the customer's requirements.



Feature and Application

This 1625 Series coreless motor is small ,light, precision, reliable control and delicately operate, which can offer high torque and speed for small household robot.

Small vibration offering the best tattoo experience for customer.

Reliable and stable with long lifetime.

100% complete inspection of the materials after we get from our suppliers and products before ex-factory to ensure the quality for our customer.

The perfect substitute for European motors which can save lots of time and cost for our customer.





Deliver Shipping and Serving

We can provide an comfortable shopping experience for our customers and offering door to door service.

Once the customer finished the payment, we will make fast production and delivering to customer's office by express without any worry.

Meanwhile we can offer our customer 1 year warranty without any human damaged factor.

We can offer one-stop service from solution, prototype to production, our customer only focus on perfect their own product.


Q1:How to delivery:

 A: Normally our coreless dc motor would be delivery by DHL,Fedex,UPS to our customer ensure our customer would receive those motors satety.


Q2:What kinds of certifications do we have?



Q3:Are we trade company or manufacturer?



Q4:Can these coreless motor be custom made?

A: we can customize motor parameters and dimension , customized shaft and holes at the front cover for our customers which will give full play to product advantages.

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