Coreless Brushless Dc Motor For Dental Handheld Tools 1625

Coreless brushless dc motor 1625 set new standard in terms of specifications and weight. It provides high speed and high efficiency , and solve the problem of high vibration and high heat. This series of motor is therefor ideal for applications requiring high power and limited installation space such as dental handheld tools.

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Product Details

Product description

The coreless brushless dc motor 1625 series sets new standard in terms of specifications and weight, adpots two magnetic pole technology. Due to its compact construction and excellent performance, this series motor is especially suitable for demanding applications such as dental handheld tools, medical robots, electric fixtures, laboratory equipment, professional hand tools or robots. 

With the high speed and output power, the 1625 series motor can meet the most demanding applications. For applications that run long and require a lower case temperature (such as high-speed hand tools), 1625 series motor is the ideal solution. 

Product Details

Name .  Coreless brushless dc motor for dental handhled tools

Number.  XBD-1625

Size.  D 16mm * L 25mm

Shaft dia.  2mm

Nominal vol. 12v

Nominal speed.  34000rpm

Max. output power. 103.7

Color.  shiny black 

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We're the professional coreless dc motor manufacture. We're focus on coreless dc motor more than 10 years. We only do high quality motors, we can also produce according to your requests. 

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We can provide samples

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We have efficient manufacturing and reliable way of testing

We have more than 10 years experience in the coreless dc motor

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