Coreless Brushless Dc Motor For Power Tool

Coreless brushless dc motor for power tool of XBD-45100H is a new launched type this year by Sinbad.This motor has the highest power and efficiency, designed for battery-powered power tools.

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Product Details

Product details

Type Number: XBD-4510H

Size : dia 45mm*L100mm

Structure: Inrunner rotor+coreless stator

Nominal vol: 12v

Nominal torque: 79.7mNm

Certification : CE, RoHS, ISO9001

Product description

The XBD-45100H motor is based on the compact brushless motor technology for professional  hand-held power tools including Angle grinder, paint sprayer, percussion drill and electric screwdriver. This high-performance series motor delivers high torque and control precisely, making it easy for users to perform the most difficult tasks. This series motor also defines a new motor preformance standard for the hand-held power tool industry.


High quality copper wire has good electrical conductivity

Compact size and high rotation speed

Premium quality and long service life

Competitive factory price

Extensive post-manufacturing testing

Advanced & Sufficient production equipments

1year warranty

Product parameter


Quality control

Winding checking - Rotor resistance testing - Rotor waveform testing - Commutator inspection - Appearance inspection - End play checking - Motor performance inspection 



Sinbad motor has approved by ISO9001, RoHS and SGS etc. 

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Sinbad has a good cooperation with overseas customers. 

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