Coreless Gear Motors

  • Tattoo Machine And Beauty Equipment Coreless Engine

    Tattoo Machine And Beauty Equipment Coreless Engine

    Motor diameter: 22mm Motor length: 30mm Planetary gearhead diameter:22mm Planetary gearhead length depends on the reduction ratio. This type of motor is mainly used for Tattoo pen can be used for machine, robot, golf cart, electric tools, electric...Read More

  • Planetary Gear Motors

    Planetary Gear Motors

    Planetary Gear motors Our DC and AC Planetary gearmotors are designed for optimum performance and for maximum life under normal operating conditions. The range of rated torque is from 0.14 ~ 19.6 N.m. Gear Ratio is available from 37 to 2031:1. We also...Read More

  • 48volt Planetary Gear Motor

    48volt Planetary Gear Motor

    Parameter Application areas Geared DC motors, to suit various applications. These types of motors are commonly mass produced for use in quad bikes, golf carts, buggies, electric bikes, kiddie carts and more. There are both small dc motors and large dc...Read More

  • 1725 Planetary Gear Motors

    1725 Planetary Gear Motors

    Key Specifications/Special Features: rated voltage:12V rotation direction:CW no load speed:13000 +_10% RPM no load current:0.07 A max Diameter:17mm. Length:25mm. If combine with planetary gearbox: Yes. Application:Medical equipment Drawing Property value...Read More

  • XBD 4070 Dc Gear Motors

    XBD 4070 Dc Gear Motors

    XBD 4070 40 mm Brush Motor with Transmission Micro DC Motorless Motor 12V 18V 24V 36V 48V Replace Maxon Motor Motor specifications: The coreless structure of the 40x70mm DC Gearmotor Series helps to reduce physical volume and quality while improving energy...Read More

  • Dc Planetary Dc Gear Motors With Encoder

    Dc Planetary Dc Gear Motors With Encoder

    Products can be widely used in medical equipment, home appliances, aviation models, telecommunications, power tools, beauty equipment, precision instruments, electric toys and other industries.Read More

  • Robots Gear Motor

    Robots Gear Motor

    ​The outbreak of the robot industry has contributed to the growth of DC geared motors because the robot's overall hardware materials require a large number of small geared motors as accessories to indirectly stimulate the development of the geared motor...Read More

  • 1625 Coreless Motor With Planetary Gearbox

    1625 Coreless Motor With Planetary Gearbox

    Precision spur- and planetary gearheads matched to Sinbad motors. Gears are advantageously adapted directly to the desired motors in the delivery plant. The motor pinion is the input gearweel for the first stage and is rigidly affixed to the motor shaft....Read More

  • 1625 Planetary Dc Gear Motors

    1625 Planetary Dc Gear Motors

    XBD-16*25mm Planetary dc Gear 12 motors ideal for tattoo pen and medical equipment. Low noise and high torque design. Sinbad Motor Advantages: 1.ISO9001:2008 qualified 2. Most products are produced & tested by automatics 3. Automatic machines are...Read More

  • Planetary Reduction Motors

    Planetary Reduction Motors

    Iron core motors Planetary reduction motorsRead More

  • Small Dc Coreless Motors With Gearbox

    Small Dc Coreless Motors With Gearbox

    Read More

  • 4070 Planetary Gear Motors

    4070 Planetary Gear Motors

    1. ( Standard Operating Condition ) 2. (Performance Of Motors) 3. ( The Dimension ) 4. ( Performance Of Motor )Read More

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