1640 Coreless Motor with Planetary Gearbox

Customizations on request.
Looking forward to work with your esteemed company .
The stator windings is cup-shaped winding, without cogging effect, the torque fluctuationis very small.

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  • Customizations on request.

  • Looking forward to work with your esteemed company .

  • The stator windings is cup-shaped winding, without cogging effect, the torque fluctuationis very small.

  • We offer price is based on new and original parts, but we can according to your order quantity , providing a discount.

  • We only offer new and original parts.


Sandard Parameters:

1640 Series                      
Rated Voltage                        6121824V
Armature Resistance                 1.35.81526.9


Max Output                          5.715.585.015.03W
Max Effect                         71737475%
No-load Speed                        7000750072007200RPM
No-load Current                  0.0890.070.0630.059A
Stall Torque                  31.328.526.726.8mNm
Friction Torque            
Speed Constant                       1285660415310rpm/V
Back Electromotive Force Constant    0.7781.5152.413.226mV/rpm
Torque Constant                      7.4314.4823.0230.82mNm/A
Current Constant                    0.1350.0690.0430.032A/mNm
Speed/Torque Slope                  225265270270rpm/mNm
Rotor Inductance                    35135340600


Mechanical Time Constant   
Rotor Moment Of Inertia    
Angular Acceleration                 174178178179.103rad/s2

Servo Motor Applications
Servos are used in radio-controlled airplanes to position control surfaces like elevators, rudders, walking a robot, or operating grippers. Servo motors are small, have built-in control circuitry and have good power for their size.
In food services and pharmaceuticals, the tools are designed to be used in harsher environments, where the potential for corrosion is high due to being washed at high pressures and temperatures repeatedly to maintain strict hygiene standards.


Dental Handheld Tools

XBD-1640 Applications
Tattoo machineAutomatic-curtainsTattoo-machineRobot-jointsSex-supplies
Model-aircraftSmall electric testModel aircraftRotary-tattoo-machineDental Handheld Tools



can combined with gear/ encoder/ gearbox/gearbox+encoder


we design different specification's motor to our customer's special needs







Coreless Motors
The development of moving-coil or coreless motors dates back to the middle 1930s. But it wasn't until the early 1960s that they were produced economically enough to gain wide acceptance.
Major advantages of coreless motors include very low inertia, low mechanical time constant, and high efficiency. Because the core is ironless, its low mass allows more rapid acceleration and deceleration than any other class of dc motor.
Other benefits gained by eliminating the iron core include the absence of magnetic fields acting on the laminations. This interaction in conventional motors appears as torque ripple or cogging plus a resisting torque that decreases motor efficiency. The absence of iron eliminates cogging and the coreless motor operates smoothly, even at low speeds.
Elimination of the iron core dramatically diminishes rotor inductance and resultant arcing. Commutator arcing in conventional motors is caused primarily by the release of stored energy in the armature inductance upon commutation. Excessive arcing produces electrical noise and reduces the life of brushes.
Coreless motors are classified by rotor shapes as cylindrical or disc. Cylindrical rotors are further divided into those containing inside fields or outside fields. The disc types have pancake, printed, or three-coil rotors.

Structure diagram




The company attaches importance to product quality, strict management, fine workmanship, production quality and product defects rarely or almost no, so the level of high quality products, so the price of the product is also high.
Types of Servo Motors
There are two types of servo motors - AC and DC. AC servo can handle higher current surges and tend to be used in industrial machinery. DC servos are not designed for high current surges and are usually better suited for smaller applications. Generally speaking, DC motors are less expensive than their AC counterparts. These are also servo motors that have been built specifically for continuous rotation, making it an easy way to get your robot moving. They feature two ball bearings on the output shaft for reduced friction and easy access to the rest-point adjustment potentiometer.

Payment of terms 
Sinbad Motor Advantages:

  • ISO9001:2008 qualified

  • SGS,CCC,CE Certificated, 100% RoHS compliance

  • Most products are produced & tested by automatics

  • Automatic machines are designed and assembled by our own team

  • We could provide customers with comprehensive one-stop solution

  • Strong R&D team, Model complete:Dia.6~44mm DC Coreless Motor


Trading Info

  1. Trade Terms: FOB,CIF,EXW.

  2. Delivery Time: 7-15 working days after deposit;3-4 working days for inventory.

3.Shipping: By air,by express and by sea delivery.
4.Packing: Standard Export Carton.
5.Payment terms: T/T,Western Union,PayPal,MoneyGram.
6.Payment Condition:30% deposit advance,70% balance after deliver at best.
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Q1: How much is the packaging size?
A: Packing size is in accordance with your order, your product specifications to determine the package size.
Q2: When will my order be shipped?
A: All regular, in stock orders ship within 24 hours of receipt. Custom Orders have their own timeline
depending on exactly what you need changed.
Q3: How much is the packaging size?
A: Packing size is in accordance with your order, your product specifications to determine the package size.
Q4: Can i be your company sale agent in our market?
A:Yes,we will depend on the sales turn over and also do research on your market. Please contact with our sales person for details.
Q5: Can you company offer door to door service?
A:Yes,we can offer the door to door service not only express,also sea shipment.
Q6: How long can I receive the sample?
Generally speaking,the delivery of sample within 15 days.If otherwise,we will notify you immediately.
Coreless motor planetary reducer with other reducer does not have the characteristics of high energy conversion (low energy consumption, high efficiency), start, fast braking, fast response, mechanical time constant is less than 28 milliseconds, planetary reducer can reach 10 milliseconds , The operation stability is very reliable, the speed fluctuation is very small;

Coreless motor planetary reducer with excellent characteristics is often used in precision equipment, instrumentation equipment, such as aerospace equipment, medical equipment, optical equipment, electronic equipment, robotics and so on;

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