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AC servo motor and brushless DC servo motor
- Mar 14, 2018 -

AC servo is better because it is a sine wave control ball screw with low torque ripple. DC servo is a trapezoidal wave. However, the DC servo is relatively simple and inexpensive. Permanent-magnet AC servo motor Since the 1980s, with the development of integrated circuits, power electronics and AC variable-speed drive technology, permanent magnet AC servo drive technology has made remarkable progress, and well-known electrical companies in various countries have successively launched their own AC servos. The series of motors and servo drives are continuously improved and updated. The AC servo system has become the main development direction of the contemporary high-performance servo system, making the original DC servo face the crisis of being eliminated. Since the 1990s, AC servo systems that have been commercialized in various countries all over the world are all digitally controlled sine wave motor servo drives. The development of AC servo drives in the field of transmission is changing with each passing day.

Permanent magnet AC servo motor compared with DC servo motor, the main advantages are:

(1) No brush and commutator, so the work is reliable and the requirements for maintenance and maintenance are low.

(2) The stator winding heat dissipation is more convenient.

(3) Inertia is small and it is easy to improve the rapidity of the system bellows coupling.

(4) Adapt to high speed and high torque working conditions. (5) Smaller volume and weight at the same power.

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