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Advantages and Applications of Coreless DC Motor
- Jan 22, 2019 -

Coreless DC Motor is very small, belonging to small power micro motor, usually using DC motor as transmission source, DC permanent magnet, servo control, also known as hollow cup DC motor, equipped with a reduction gear box, with deceleration, lifting torque function, Commonly used power is below 50W, voltage is below 24V. It is used in smart home transmission, automobile transmission, electronic products, industrial automation equipment, communication equipment, massage health equipment and other fields. The advantages and application areas of the Coreless DC Motors are described in detail below by Sinbad.


Coreless DC Motors have outstanding energy-saving features, sensitive and convenient control characteristics and stable operating characteristics.

Energy-saving features: energy conversion efficiency is very large.

Control characteristics: quick start, fast braking, fast response; sensitive speed adjustment can be conveniently adjusted in the speed running state within the recommended operating area.

Operating characteristics: reliable running stability and low fluctuation of speed.

In addition, Coreless DC Motor also features light weight, low noise, high precision, long life, high reduction ratio, large torque and wide application range.


Coreless DC Motors are used in the field of smart homes, such as electric curtains, smart electronic locks, smart toilets, electric screens, remote control devices, etc. Automotive transmissions, such as sunroof transmission, headlight adjustment transmission, seat transmission, safety headrest Adjustment, electric tailgate transmission, folding mirror transmission, electronic parking, etc. Communication antenna transmission, ESC module, etc.; industrial automation, robot transmission, robot transmission, etc.; electronic products, camera adjustment, pan/tilt adjustment, printer transmission, etc. Equipment transmission system, massage equipment, etc.

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