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Analysis of Brushless Motor Structure
- Oct 13, 2017 -

Brushless motor belongs to the AC motor, is a three-phase AC permanent magnet motor, the input model brushless motor 3 wire current is alternating current, but this AC is not 50HZ mains sine wave, but from the brushless motor The three-phase alternating rectangular wave modulated by the controller is much higher than the 50HZ frequency and varies with the motor speed.

In simple terms, by changing the alternating current frequency and waveform of the current wave input to the brushless motor stator coil, a magnetic field around the geometrical axis of the motor is formed around the winding coil, which rotates the permanent magnet magnet on the rotor, The motor will turn up, the performance of the motor and the number of magnetic steel, magnetic flux strength, the motor input voltage and other factors, but also with the brushless motor control performance has a great relationship, because the input is DC, the current needs of electronic The governor turns it into a 3-phase alternating current, and it also needs to receive the control signal from the remote receiver to control the motor speed to meet the needs of the model.

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