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Application and maintenance of gear motor
- Dec 19, 2017 -

Application and maintenance of gear motor

  Gear motor is a power transmission mechanism, is the use of gear speed converter, the motor (motor) to reduce the number of revolutions to the desired number of revolutions, and to a larger torque mechanism. Geared motors can be seen almost in all kinds of mechanical transmission system can see its traces, such as ships, cars, laughed appliances, watches, etc., and the deceleration of the motor with deceleration and increase torque, so do not be a wide range of Used in speed and torque conversion equipment.

  Gear motor is composed of gear at all levels, such as with a small gear driven gear can achieve a certain degree of deceleration purposes, and then use this multi-stage structure can greatly reduce the speed, so in general, the gear motor The working principle is to use all levels of gear to achieve the purpose of deceleration.

  Geared motors are generally used in low-speed high-torque transmission equipment, the motor, internal combustion engine or other high-speed power through the deceleration of the old gear on the input shaft of a small number of gear teeth on the output shaft gear to achieve deceleration The purpose, the ordinary geared motor will have several pairs of the same principle gear to achieve the desired deceleration effect.

  Geared motor drive is a high-precision drive, and transmission efficiency, although it can achieve a lot of ways to slow down, but the most commonly used method is to gear to slow down, this is because the gear can not only reduce the footprint and reduce cost. So some people also call the gear motor gear box, usually gear box is a combination of some gear, because the gear box itself is not motivated, so you need to drive components to drive it. The use of gear motors as the most important purpose of transmission is to achieve power transmission, access to a certain speed and get a larger torque. Therefore, the current deceleration motor is widely used in various industries.

  According to the relevant survey data shows that about 80% of gear motor gear parts damaged due to friction and wear. A reasonable choice of good pair of friction pair can reduce the friction, you can also use reasonable lubrication, but also can reduce the problem of gear friction loss. Lubrication uses a material mill to separate surfaces that move relative to one another. This material has low frictional resistance and low wear. As long as the role of lubricating oil gear drive is to reduce friction and reduce wear and tear, in order to extend the service life of mechanical parts as much as possible.

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