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Application of Coreless motor in the field of imitation robot
- Jul 12, 2018 -

Application challenge

In the fields of education, assistive and therapeutic, humanoid robots play an increasingly important role. From autism treatment to course learning, robots are using a variety of ways to improve the learning process. The high efficiency and high power density of XBD's hollow cup motor technology enables a lighter, more agile robot design without sacrificing battery life or performance.

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BLDC XBD-2865-42H Motor advantage

  • High efficiency extends battery life

  • High power density reduces equipment size and weight

  • Reversing design extends life

  • Low inductance simplifies drive electronics

  • Hollow cup motor technology guarantees smooth operation

Customized solution

  • Ball bearings extend service life

  • Reducer increases torque

  • Rare metal or graphite commutation system

  • Winding options to accommodate a wide range of voltages and speeds

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