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Brush DC Motors Installation For The Use(一)
- Nov 24, 2017 -

In order to enable our customers to use the motor properly, we should try to avoid and reduce the potential damage caused by improper operation.Our company accordance with structure and characteristics of the motor to make the following suggestion, 

The coreless brush dc motors belongs to high-tech products, its internal structure requirement must be very precise.Therefore, the brush dc motors does not allow any impact strike and fall in the use of the process.Once the external impact occurs, the internal precise location will change accordingly and cause a variety of undesirable phenomena, such as high current, noise, jamming. 

The raw material of the brush dc motors back cover is plastic products, Be in especially below long-term high-temperature circumstance operation will become deformed.Therefore, the temperature of the back cover terminal is not too high(should be controlled within 350 degree Celsius) during the welding process. the time can not be too long (should be controlled within 3 seconds).If the temperature is too high and time too long will cause the motor brush terminal loose, and then the motor won’t work.Please take note.We use the label stick on these holes with the back cover.During the assembly or welding process not allow sundries and hard object pushed into the holes, otherwise, the internal commutator cause deformation and scratching. If the above improper operation will affect the motor, such as scraping, noise, conductive adverse, short circuit undesirable phenomena.

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