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Brush DC Motors Installation For The Use(二)
- Nov 25, 2017 -

In order to enable our customers to use the motor properly, we should try to avoid and reduce the potential damage caused by improper operation.Our company accordance with structure and characteristics of the motor to make the following suggestion, 

The front shaft of the brush dc motors is very small, and its hardness and bear the external force is very small, easily deformed by external force extrusion on it.Therefore, In the operation of the process should try to avoid excessive stress on the shaft, and if the customer needs to add the gear or link block hole match with the shaft are coordination assembly, you may consider our company to handle it.When the customer is assembling by himself, please try to avoid knocking and brute force to the shaft while assembling.If the brute force assembling will cause bending or loosening of the shaft, and then will appear undesirable phenomenon include noise, clamping and shaking etc 

The screw hole of the brush dc motors front is through hole, when the installation of screw before, the customers should be considered the brush dc motors front of screw hole size and thickness(we will provide the specifications of the models and size ) ,the screw does not be too long while the brush dc motors around the tidy not less than the screw hole size of the iron debris to prevent falling into the brush dc motor internal.If the screw is too long or there are iron debris fall will scratch or stuck the brushed dc motor internal the rotor will cause undesirable phenomenon, Such as short circuit, broken line and stuck etc.

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