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Brush DC motors used in the medical industry
- Dec 06, 2017 -

  Medical robots are a combination of robotics, computer networked control, digital image processing, virtual reality, and medical surgical techniques for robotic-assisted surgery, rehabilitation and hospital services, bringing together the latest multidisciplinary research and development The result.

With the opening of the era of medical intelligence, big data, precision medical and medical robots have gradually become new industries that benefit the people. Medical robots are mainly divided into macro robots, micro-medical robots and biological robots, etc. They are widely used in many medical fields such as medical diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, nursing and functional support.

  Medical robotic technology has shown initial success in the field of rehabilitation. A patient with lower extremity mobility problems is facing the computer screen with the help of a motion-memory recovery robot.


   Medical robotics has shown initial success in the area of rehabilitation, showing one patient recovering motor function with the help of a robot.

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