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Brush motor and brushless motor principle, function and actual performance difference
- Dec 07, 2017 -

Brushed motor work, the coil and commutator rotation, magnet and brush does not turn, the coil current direction of the alternating change is with the motor rotating commutator and brush to complete. Industry brushed motor sub-high-speed brush motor and low-speed brush motor. Brush motor and brushless motor there are many differences, from the name can be seen brush motor brush, brushless motor brushless.

Brushless DC motor by the motor and drive components, is a typical mechatronic products. As the brushless DC motor is controlled by the self-control, so it will not like the synchronous motor with heavy-load start under the frequency control, as the additional start winding on the rotor, it will not produce oscillation and out-of-step when the load is abruptly changed.

From the product market point of view: Brush motor is a traditional product, the performance is relatively stable. Brushless motor is an upgraded product, its life expectancy is better than brush motor. However, its control circuit is more complex, the components of the aging screening requirements more stringent. Although the motor has a long life, the control circuit is prone to malfunction. Therefore, the choice of brushless motor to go through rigorous reliability tests to ensure quality.

In principle, a brushed motor means that the motor is a direct current input, and the controller that controls it can only provide current to it for speed regulation. The brushless motor is actually a three-phase AC motor, and the controller converts the DC power Into three-phase AC, and according to the motor Hall sensor element commutation motor normal operation. This principle directly, brushless motor brush motor longer life, powerful start saving, but the controller is higher than the cost of a brush controller.

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