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Brushless DC motors are widely used in the household appliances market
- May 02, 2018 -

Today, brushless DC motors are basically usable in every industry. From here, it can be seen that DC brushless motors are widely used in the market, and are more useful in the use of brushless DC motors. In many industries, DC brushless motors are used in many industries. In general, brushless DC motors are used more often in the process of use. Today, brushless DC motors are also used for many purposes in home appliances. What about?

1, kitchen appliances

Modern kitchens are everywhere electrical equipment, and now are more satisfied with the use of home appliances brushless DC motor, especially in the kitchen appliances used in the process can use the help of brushless DC motor home appliances will be even better, In the process of using kitchen appliances, it is also quite useful, but also more useful, such as the use of blenders, juicers, coffee machines, tea makers, electric knives, egg beaters, rice cookers, food processors, grain grinders, Appliances such as upright mixers, mincers, electric cutters, etc. can be used with home appliances brushless DC motors.

2, smart home

Home intelligence has gradually become the trend of the times. In the process of using household equipment, it can also use its household brushless DC motors, such as when using exhaust fans, or when it is an electric heater, they are relatively sure that general smart home equipment is relatively good. At least in terms of quality, it can provide protection. In addition, there are circulating fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air fresheners, cold, heaters, soap dispensers, dryers, smart door locks, electric doors, windows, curtains and so on.

3, floor care

The important parts and objects of household cleanliness and hygiene are floors. There are more and more floor care electric products. There are carpet cleaners, electric vacuum cleaners, hand-held vacuum cleaners, floor grinders, etc. They are also applicable to brushless DC. Motor's.

4, white goods

What is white goods? As the name suggests, white household appliances are white household appliances. White goods can reduce people's labor intensity (such as washing machines and some kitchen appliances), improve the living environment and improve the material quality of life (such as air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.). Air-conditioners, refrigerators, air purifiers, microwave oven cooling fans, range hoods, dishwashing hot water pumps, washing machine heat pumps, and other applications of brushless DC motor technology have been quite mature.

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