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Causes and solutions for excessive brush sparks in DC Gear Motor
- Jan 21, 2019 -

What causes the DC Gear Motor to have excessive spark?

1. The DC motor is not on the neutral line.

2. Improper voltage or poor contact with the commutator or electrical wear or incorrect electric card number.

3. The surface of the commutator is not smooth or the mica plate protrudes.

4. The DC motor is overloaded or the power supply voltage is too high.

5. The armature winding or the pole winding or the commutating pole winding is faulty.

6. The rotor dynamic balance is not corrected.


1. Adjust the position of the DC motor pole.

2. Adjust the voltage force, the grinding power and the commutator contact surface, and replace the electricity.

3. Grind the surface of the commutator and engrave the mica groove.

4. Reduce DC motor load and power supply voltage.

5. Check the reasons separately.

6. The rotor dynamic balance is rectified.

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