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Characteristics and Application of Permanent Magnet Motor
- Jan 25, 2019 -

First, the rare earth permanent magnet generator permanent magnet synchronous generator does not require a collector ring and a brush device as compared with the conventional generator, and has a simple structure and reduces the failure rate. The use of rare earth permanent magnets can also increase the air gap magnetic density, and increase the motor speed to the optimum value to improve the power to mass ratio. Almost all of the current aerospace and aerospace generators use rare earth permanent magnet generators.

Second, high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor permanent magnet synchronous motor does not require reactive excitation current compared with induction motor, can significantly improve the power factor (up to 1, even capacitive), reduce stator current and stator resistance loss, and In the stable operation, there is no copper loss of the rotor, which can reduce the fan (the small-capacity motor can even remove the fan) and the corresponding wind and friction loss, and the efficiency can be increased by 2 to 8 percentage points compared with the induction motor of the same specification. At present, it is mainly used in oilfields, textile and chemical fiber industry, ceramic glass industry and wind turbine pumps with long running time.

Last, the permanent magnet DC motor DC motor adopts permanent magnet excitation, which not only retains the good speed regulation characteristics and mechanical characteristics of the electric excitation DC motor, but also has the advantages of simple structure, small volume and use due to the elimination of the excitation winding and the excitation loss. Low copper content and high efficiency. Therefore, permanent magnet DC motors are widely used from household appliances, portable electronic devices, power tools, and precision speed and position transmission systems that require good dynamic performance.

At present, China's auto industry is developing rapidly. The auto industry is the largest user of permanent magnet motors. Motors are the key components of automobiles. In a super-luxury sedan, there are more than 70 motors for various purposes, most of which are low-voltage. Magnetic DC micromotor. The starter motor for automobiles and motorcycles uses NdFeB permanent magnets and uses deceleration planetary gears to reduce the mass of the starter motor by half.

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