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Common Problems and Solutions of Micro Motor
- Feb 26, 2018 -

Geared motors are widely used in all kinds of small light machinery, packaging, food, textile, make-up (beauty) machinery, instruments and various automation due to their wide range of deceleration, high force index, easy operation and reliable operation. Equipment, production lines. With low noise, long life, small size, high power and so on. Xin Baoda motor deceleration of a wide range of production, deceleration ratio 1: 3 ~ 1: 1500, but also according to the special requirements of the user on the speed, separately customized.

Geared motor in the course of what will happen this failure, for different failures, what are our different solutions.

(1) Power the motor does not turn

a. Check whether the input voltage of the motor is normal

b. Check the stator windings, find out the road, to be repaired

c. Measure the phase resistance of each phase winding of the stator and each phase of the load current is balanced, find out where the package insulation

d. Press the connection method and wiring diagram specified on the nameplate to detect the wiring of the stator winding resistance and correct the wrong connection

e. Separate the motor from the load. If the motor can start normally, check the driven machinery to eliminate the obstacle.

f. Check inverter parameters, make adjustments (inverter motor)

g. Check the brake and its electrical appliances (brake motor)

(2) After the frequency conversion motor starting speed is lower than the rated speed

A. According to the requirements of the reset voltage

B. Check the load transmission is normal

(3) The motor has abnormal noise or excessive vibration

A. Check the rotating part and the static part of the gap, find out the cause of phase erase, to be corrected.

B. phase loss of running, power, re-closing, if you can not start, there may be one phase power, check the power or motor and repair.

C. bearing lack of oil or damage, cleaning bearings, add new oil, or replace the new bearings

D. motor wiring error, identify the cause, be corrected.

E. Rotor balance after repair is damaged, re-calibrated balance

F. Elbow bending, deformation, straightening, if necessary, to replace the shaft

G. Coupling loose coupling, find loose place, the bolt tightened

H. Installation base imbalance or defect, check the basic fixed situation, to be corrected

(4) If the temperature of the motor is too high, measure the stator current with the electromagnetic ammeter or check the current display value (inverter motor) on the inverter panel and find the load should be relieved when it is overloaded

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