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Commutation technology for small geared motors
- Dec 16, 2017 -

Small reducer motor commutation often appear some faults, mainly due to the surrounding environment on the size of the commutation spark and brush wear. Here's a brief introduction to the planetary gear motor commutation related skills:

       The induction motor in the armature windings of a small geared motor is AC. The current flowing into the external circuit is the DC current through the mechanical action of the point brush and the commutator. The so-called commutation, is to use the mechanical aspects, forcing the current in a coil in a very broken time from one value to another value. For DC geared motors, the magnitude of the current before and after the commutation is equal and opposite.

     3v motor gear motor commutation fault, mainly refers to the brush under the commutation spark over the standard. The normal operation of the commutator, the surface should be smooth, should be a layer of dark brown cuprous oxide protective layer, the protective layer can increase the contact resistance between the brush and the commutator to reduce the brush short-circuit current, Protect the commutator is not worn, which can improve the working conditions of the commutator to reduce the spark.

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       Ambient If any of the following conditions, will increase the commutation spark, so that the brush and the commutator wear and tear increased: there is not enough oxygen in the air, can not make the commutator surface form a complete oxide film; air temperature too Low, the commutator film surface is not easy to form oxide film; the air contains corrosive gases and dust, these corrosive gases and dust can destroy the oxide film has been formed, resulting in commutation difficulties, brush wear increased.

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