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Control Principle of BLDC Motor
- Jan 23, 2019 -

To allow the motor to roll up, the control unit must first determine the current position of the rotor of the motor based on the hall-sensor and then determine the order in which the power transistors in the inverter are turned on (or closed) according to the stator winding, as follows ( Figure 2) ah, bh, ch (these are called upper arm power transistors) and al, bl, cl (these are called lower arm power transistors) in the inverter, so that the current flows sequentially through the motor coil to produce a forward (or reverse) Rotating the magnetic field and interacting with the magnet of the rotor allows the motor to roll in time/reverse time. When the rotor of the motor rolls to the position where the hall-sensor senses another set of signals, the control unit turns on the next set of power transistors again. If the reciprocating motor is in turn, the rolling can be continued in the same direction until the control unit decides that the rotor of the motor is to be closed. The power transistor (or only the lower arm power transistor); the reverse order of the power transistors is reversed for the motor rotor to reverse.

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