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Coreless gear motor advantage
- Dec 20, 2017 -

Coreless gear motor products produced by traditional industries is necessary for daily production and life, new industries are mostly relying on traditional industries developed. China's mechanical and electrical hardware industry has such a fundamental advantage. With the development of the times, the traditional industries need to advance with the times, make industrial restructuring and seek new development, and there is no backward industry and only a backward mode of production. Hardware and electromechanical enterprises should enhance awareness of innovation, training and establishment of professional R & D team, vigorously develop high-end product research and development technology, early realization of high-end products localization; optimize the industrial structure, promote industrial upgrading; development of industrial clusters, enhance industry groups competitive advantage; solid domestic market , Actively explore foreign markets. Nowadays, with the maturity of the hardware and electromechanical industry, how to make the industry have sustainable productivity and competitiveness is a question that must be considered in the development of the industry and the survival of the enterprise. Coreless motor in the fierce competition in domestic and foreign markets, hardware and electrical machinery industry should maintain its own advantages.

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