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Coreless micro-motor, the coil is very powerful
- Jan 18, 2018 -

Coreless micro motor power density is the ratio of output power and weight or volume, copper plate coil motor is small in size, good performance, compared with the traditional coil, Coreless micro-motor copper coil induction coil is light, without Coil and slotted silicon steel, eliminating the eddy currents and hysteresis losses they produce; the eddy current loss of the copper plate coil mode is small and easy to control, improving the efficiency of the motor, ensuring higher output torque and output power.

Coreless micro-motor copper coil has both inside and outside the surface of the air flow, which is better than the slot rotor coil heat dissipation, the traditional motor enameled wire embedded in the silicon steel slot, the coil surface airflow is poor, poor heat dissipation, temperature rise, Equivalent output power, copper coil mode motor temperature rise is small, applications: handling car, shuttle car, mobile robots, medical equipment, oil pump and so on.

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