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Coreless motor in medical machinery applications
- Sep 13, 2018 -

Coreless motor in medical machinery applications

The operating microscope is a high-grade double binocular surgery microscope. The medical 100W xenon lamp is used as the main illumination source, and the screw-in color filter mechanism is added. The coaxial illumination with -2°+6° is suitable for various difficult microsurgery such as ophthalmology and neurosurgery.


 ◆Optical lens

All optical lenses are made of Schott glass, and the surface is coated with a multi-layer coating process. The light transmittance is high and the image is clear and bright. Each layer of the lens also has a protective coating to prevent mildew and prolong the service life.

◆Red light reflection & apochromatic technology

The microscope adopts a 6°±2° prism, which greatly improves the intensity and range of red light reflection. The posterior capsule of the crystal is clearer during operation. The optical design uses apochromatic technology to ensure the focus of the light is consistent. Clearer.

◆Multiple filter protection

The microscope optical path is permanently built with anti-ultraviolet filters and heat-insulating sheets. The macular protection sheet is added to the optical path, and there are no red patches, anti-light corneal damage and anti-light retinal damage filters.

◆Light and safe mechanical structure

The whole machine adopts the space balance system, and the microscope lens is easy to push and pull in any direction; the microscope arm has a lower limit locking device to make the surgical process safer.

◆Xenon lighting, vivid color

This product adopts the internationally advanced Xenon illumination system with an illumination of up to 180,000 lx, the color is closer to daylight, the image is clear and vivid, and the contrast is rich; the lighting system has a long service life and is more than 10 times that of the general lighting system.

◆Good extensibility

Teaching frames, camera units and image systems can be added.

◆Independent focus knob

An independent focusing knob is arranged at the bottom end of the assistant mirror to solve the problem that the main mirror and the assistant mirror are not synchronized due to different diopter.


      The drive system is also used in precision surgical robots to ensure that complex surgeries are performed safely and minimize tissue trauma. This greatly shortens the recovery time after treatment.

      Other uses for the drive system include: insulin pumps, surgical robots, prosthetics, ophthalmic surgical devices, radiology equipment, precision liquid handling systems, surgical microscopes, and respiratory care devices.

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