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Coreless motor in the automotive field
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Coreless motor in the automotive field

Most of today's traffic accidents are caused by human factors. With computer-controlled automotive technology, the chances of a traffic accident in the future will be greatly reduced. The car's driver assistance system is a tool to save lives – whether it's a distance control system, a brake assist system or a lane departure warning system. The latter, the lane departure warning system, alerts the driver when the vehicle is unintentionally deviating from the lane. The system combines multiple sets of different optical systems and computer functions to keep the vehicle in the original lane. In the event of a dangerous situation in which the vehicle is about to deviate from the lane, the system will activate the motor built into the steering wheel to cause the steering wheel to vibrate, thereby alerting the driver.


Sinbad motor supplied the motors needed for these systems to a luxury limousine for an automaker. Based on the brushed motor XBD-1625 (rare metal brush, 2 W), unbalanced counterweights and special bearings are mounted for this application. In order to prevent other vehicle systems from being disturbed by the electromagnetic field of the motor, the motor is equipped with an EMC anti-jamming device designed for the automotive field.

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