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Coreless motor life
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Mini four-axis hollow cup motor life, online looking for no reliable reference data, from a variety of posts seems to feel the hollow cup motor life longer than the carbon brush motor a lot. The main reason for long life, probably because the commutator diameter is smaller, the friction distance of the brush becomes shorter. How can fly a few electricity, it seems to test to know. Simulate the four-axis flight state, test the custom 1725 DC 12V Coreless Motors motor life. The circuit is very simple, with the PIN9 output PWM signal to drive an IRF630 NMOS to drive the motor, with the interrupt 1 to count the speed

Flight Simulate a cycle for a total of 50 seconds:


21750 turn 30 seconds hover

23100 turn 2 seconds rise

18150 to 3 seconds down

24000 rpm 2 seconds full throttle up

21750 turn 10 seconds hover

18150 to 3 seconds down



Cycle 6 times for a total of 5 minutes, then stop for 1 minute, then start a new loop. In the course of running with a photoelectric sensor speed, if the motor is automatically stopped

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