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Coreless motor tester operating procedures
- Jan 25, 2018 -

(A) test motor speed

According to the motor to be detected is a three-pole or five-pole DC motor, first check the M3 indicator is displayed in the corresponding state; the other as in the M0 mode selection, pay attention to the allowable deviation value is up and down symmetry and the upper and lower limits of the median to reflect The typical value of this model;

Red and black detection lines were inserted in the motor power supply red and black two holes, clip the two poles of the motor, observe the measured speed, the measured current data, and whether the qualified indicator light and buzzer sound is loud; if failed, the display speed Overrun or current limit indicator;

Note: During the test, press the right arrow key to lock and maintain the measured speed, the measured current value, to facilitate data recording; press the right arrow key to cancel the hold to restore real-time display.

(B) insulation resistance test

Will be red and black test line were inserted in the insulation test of the red and black two holes, clip the motor shell and the motor pole to see if the insulation over-limit indicator light is bright;

(C) waveform output display

Oscilloscope signal lines are connected to the waveform output terminal and the oscilloscope signal input terminal, adjust the oscilloscope, you can observe the motor current waveform.

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