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The advantages of Electric Blinds using coreless dc motor
- Sep 20, 2018 -

The Electric Blinds Coreless DC motor has the characteristics of small volume, small vibration, low noise, low power consumption, but small power.

The electric blinds motor is developed on the basis of the micro geared motor. Then the power and parameters of the electric blinds motor are mainly customized according to the users demand. The drive system of the electric blinds motor consists of a motor, a rope winder and a mechanical limiter, all of which are installed in a “C type stainless steel bracket and eventually a set of electric blinds. The assembled electric blinds system will be installed in a double glazed blinds wall orceiling according to the design requirements of the user. The system control mode can be controlled by ordinary line control switch, wireless remote control, timing control, wind and light control and building integrated control.


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