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Cycloid gear planetary transmission structure gear box
- Feb 28, 2018 -

Cycloid gear planetary gear structure gearbox is also a common planetary gearbox, let's take a look at what it has the following features:

      Needle tooth needle gear without both ends of the gear is not fixed on the tooth shell, but the roller shaft support pin gear shell, under normal lubrication conditions, but also can fully guarantee the cycloid and needle When the teeth mesh with each other, they only roll relatively but do not slide relative to each other, which fundamentally prevents the danger of tooth surface gluing in the planetary transmission of large-size cycloid gears and improves the transmission efficiency.

        b. Due to the adoption of 4 cycloid wheels, the power and torque transmitted can be doubled with the same radial size by adding axial length slightly larger than the width of two wheel bearing;

        c. In the radial size does not increase under the conditions, but also can improve the ability of the output mechanism to transmit torque, the structure has been improved as follows: the output mechanism, the cantilever ends of each pin, with an additional ring Link up, are not ring transfer power transmission, but can make each pin always maintain the correct interval, play a role in the load.

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