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DC brushless motor applications are rapidly rising
- Oct 13, 2017 -

In recent years, DC brushless motor applications and global market changes, China's domestic market has undergone tremendous changes. Dongguan to a mechanical and electrical technology Co., Ltd. as a leading energy-saving environmental protection as the theme of the brushless DC motor AC motor boom has been the rise. In many industries, Chinese manufacturers have been out of the cool prices, began to continue to improve performance!

A mechanical and electrical development of the DC brushless drive, from the performance, function, and many other, there has been a comprehensive alternative to Japan's east motor-related products, and from the price, then the advantages of manufacturing in China, the current Europe and the United States and other places Equipment manufacturers have turned to a similar product to turn!

Analysis of its internal reasons, it may be due to its leading brushless motor drive a new algorithm, based on reference to the German-related technology on the basis of its unique patented technology to achieve a sense of self-estimation closed-loop way, so that the DC Brushless motor control algorithm of advanced nature point of view, has been basically the equivalent of foreign mainstream product level.

I believe that in the near future, in addition to the leading domestic brands in other brands occupy the majority of market share, Dongguan, a mechanical and electrical technology Co., Ltd., will be in a multi-series, multi-model, a comprehensive European and American enterprises to fire, and eventually become Global, leading to other national brands of brushless motor drive suppliers.

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