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DC heating motor after the external heat source heating method
- Dec 25, 2017 -

Micro-DC gear motor gear in the micro-processing, due to the tiny tooth shape, in addition to the hob tooth error, the hob aperture runout, face beating, and other errors will have a significant impact on the precision of the micro-gear , Especially after the micro-reduction motor damp. Therefore, we use external heat source heating method to solve the impact of moisture. The company is located in:

     First, for damp micro-motor first disassemble, with high-power incandescent light bulb into the interior of the motor to be baked, or the micro-motor into the drying room for drying. The company is located in:(coreless motors for Robot)

     Second, it should be noted that: This method of operation when the light bulb or heat can not be too close to the coil, in order to prevent burning coil, micro-reducer motor cover affixed with canvas and other items for insulation. The company is located in:

     In addition, this method is easy to operate, safe and reliable, but only applicable to easy to dismantle the small geared motor, while for large or medium disassembly of the geared motor relatively large workload, but also reduces the feasibility. In recent years, miniature geared motor external heat source heating technology continues to improve, external heat source material properties continue to improve heating, while external heat source heating gear accuracy is also greatly improved, external heat source heating mold precision and injection molding technology are micro Geared motor to solve the important factors.

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