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DC motor speed control principle is what do you know?
- Jan 15, 2018 -

The first is that we want to analyze the DC motor, if you do not consider the core and so full of these factors, then this is an ideal relationship, but for the actual analysis of the DC motor is also a practical guide, we can go completely According to this formula DC motor can come to three kinds of speed control method, the first is to adjust the excitation current to adjust the voltage on the armature side and adjust the string into the armature circuit resistance, the Italian dual is to adjust the armature circuit The method of series resistance is still relatively simple, but the energy consumption will be larger, but due to the load current is relatively small, so the series resistance of the voltage will go directly down, so the speed adjustment is not very sensitive, so adjust Armature end of the voltage and to properly adjust the excitation current, you can make the DC motor smoothly in this wide range of speed control, so that even if the voltage is increased so that the speed increase, then the excitation current increases It will reduce the speed, so the two are required after the cooperation is appropriate, In this way, the motor can be operated at different speeds. In the process of speed regulation, it should be noticed that the conditions of commutation will deteriorate during high speed operation. Therefore, the cooling conditions will deteriorate during low speed operation, and thus will go Limited the motor power, the DC motor and the string will be due to its mechanical properties close to the constant power characteristics, then the torque will increase at low speed, it is widely used in electric vehicle traction, so commonly used in trams Taiwan or more than two have both stringing and shunting multiple excitation DC motor to be jointly driven, if the use of series, parallel connection method to change the motor terminal voltage double (then the series when the motor terminal voltage only Half in parallel) so that it is economically possible to achieve a wider range of speed control and to reduce this power consumption during start-up.(13mm Dc Coreless Motors)


There is a DC motor speed control than AC induction motor is much simpler, so long as to change the voltage to achieve the purpose of this speed, and can prove that the method is very simple, and then to find a small motor on the toy , After using a battery can make this rotation, but the only is not high speed, you can go with 2 battery speed but this speed will be much faster, speed control principle need to go to use a lot of formulas , This text is also a big long period of time, so non-professionals do not need to understand these, but to rent to remember that the DC motor voltage is adjusted speed on it, we use the most common place It is a city trolley bus and electric bicycle, and it is widely used.

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