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Deceleration motor common classification?
- Dec 11, 2017 -

Speed reducer, also known as reducer, reducer, the main structure composed of reducer, reducer (gear box), the motor assembly is made of a wide range of applications, different specifications, structure, transmission belong to different types of motor deceleration, respectively, application In different areas; Sinbad motor focus on the development, design, manufacture of slowdown motor, the following details Deceleration motor Common Categories:


  1. According to the power is divided into high-power deceleration motor, low-power deceleration motor.

  2. According to the structure is divided into gear reducer, planetary reducer, DC reducer, worm reducer, DC planetary reducer, DC gear reducer, hollow cup reducer.

  3 according to the accuracy is divided into high-precision reducer, precision reducer, general level reducer.

  4. According to standard specifications are divided into standard gear motor, custom gear motor (reducer).

  5. According to the size of the specification is divided into large deceleration motor, micro slowdown motor.

  6. According to the characteristics of gear transmission into cylindrical gear motor, bevel gear motor, bevel gear motor.

  7. According to the material is divided into metal gear motor, plastic gear motor.


  Sinbad Motor Company for many years focused on the design of micro-deceleration motor, manufacturing services, the successful development of size specifications in the size of 3.4mm-38mm precision micro-reducer motor, are widely used in medical equipment, automotive drives, electronics, smart home, robotics, automation Equipment and other fields.

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