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Definition of gear terms
- Nov 15, 2017 -

Gear motor gear which is through the motor gear box to achieve the appropriate speed and force. Then the terms on the gear is divided into the following categories.

Gear teeth - Each raised area on the gear for engagement. In general, these raised parts are arranged radially. Paired gear tooth contact with each other, resulting in continued gear meshing operation.

Cogging - the space between two adjacent gears on the gear.

Face - The plane perpendicular to the gear or worm axis on a spur gear or cylindrical worm.

Law surface - on the gear, the law refers to the plane perpendicular to the tooth line.

Tip circle - the top of the tooth where the circle.

Dedendum circle - where the bottom of the groove.

Base circle - A circle that forms an involute line on which pure lines roll.

Indexing Circle - A reference circle that calculates the geometry of the gear in the face. For spur gears, the magic and pressure angles on the indexing circle are standard.

Tooth Surface - The side surface of the gear teeth between the tip cylindrical surface and the root cylindrical surface.

Tooth Profile - Tooth surface is made of a curved surface (cylindrical gear is a plane) cut off the line.

Tooth - tooth surface and the intersection of cylindrical surface.

End pitch pt - Adjacent two ipsilateral end face profile between the arc length of the indexing.

Modulus m - tooth pitch divided by the pi, the quotient obtained in millimeters.

Pitch section p - the reciprocal of the modulus in inches.

Tooth thickness s - in the face on both sides of a gear tooth profile between the love of your indexing arc length.

Groove width e - in the end surface of a tooth gap on both sides of the tooth profile between the arc length.

Addendum high hα - addendum circle and sub-degree of love between your radial distance

Full tooth height hf - the radial distance between the indexing circle and the root circle.

Tooth width b - gear size along the axis.

The pressure angle αt of the face is the acute angle between the radial line of the intersection of the tooth profile of the end face and the index circle and the tooth profile tangent passing the point.

Reference rack: Only the base circle size, tooth shape, full tooth height, tooth crown height and tooth thickness and other dimensions are in line with the standard spur gear specifications of the rack, according to its standard gear specifications cut out of the rack as the reference tooth Article.

Reference pitch circle: used to determine the size of the various parts of the gear circle, as the number of teeth × modulus.

Reference pitch: a particular pitch on the rack or tooth thickness measured along this axis, one-half of the pitch.

Effect of pitch circle: a pair of spur gear occlusion, each has a tangential scroll circle.

Reference Pitch: Baseline at the selected standard pitch, equal to the reference rack pitch.

Pitch: two gears on the heart bite contact points on the gear left on the track known as the pitch circle.

Festival Path: pitch circle diameter.

Effective tooth height: a pair of spur gear crown height, also known as work tooth height.

Tooth crown: addendum circle and pitch radius difference.

Backlash: two teeth bite, the tooth surface and tooth gap.

Tooth top space: two teeth bite, one gear top circle and the other gear bottom space.

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