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Do not use DC geared motors, you need to pay attention to what issues
- Dec 21, 2017 -

Sinbad Motor through the professional design, development and production in the field of gears and gearboxes, through the industry comparison and a large number of experimental test data design and development of a reduction gear box, DC gear motor, micro DC gear motor, planetary gear motor, deceleration Motor and other products.

     The main production micro-motor gear, micro-DC motor, micro-motor gear, DC gear motor. Division I R & D and production according to customer demand planetary gearbox, plastic planetary gearbox, with noise, voltage stability, smooth transmission and so on. Never slippery, swinging and so on.

    The majority of users do not use the DC geared motor, what will be dealt with? Yes or no, or moderate maintenance, so that when the need to use, you can get started. I am afraid that the vast majority of consumers are choosing the former, very few people choose the latter. DC Gear Motor

Xiaobian that even if the DC motor is not used, but also to carry out effective management of it, or once there is a fault, maintenance is quite troublesome.

DC gear motor equipment when not in use, if not for effective maintenance, I am afraid that a long time will also have a direct impact on its useful life.

Therefore, the majority of users want to be able to give full play to its effective role, when in need of maintenance, when not in need of a very good to properly maintain it, or is the storage environment, but also pay attention. Small gear motor

     As far as possible to avoid placed in those humid areas, or parts rusty but will speed up, to some extent, rust is the most difficult to avoid, is also more trouble to maintain.

Therefore, consumers do not have to DC motor when maintenance is also to remember, this is where many users easily overlooked, so if necessary, to remind myself can not be ignored. ?

Our DC motor products by the trust of our customers, our quality is through multiple inspections, always adhere to create the best products for customers. Micro DC Motor

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