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Electric curtain motor category and home intelligent electric curtain working principle and characteristics
- Dec 19, 2017 -

Electric curtain motor by power supply can be divided into four types: AC powered curtain motor. Power, horsepower, but the power consumption, noise, vibration, energy saving, can only be used for straight track. Mainly used in engineering. DC powered curtain motor. Small size, small vibration, low noise, low power consumption, but horsepower. Mainly used in homes and hotels. Battery-powered curtain motor. Using ordinary battery-powered, energy saving. Solar powered curtain motor. Powered by solar cells, green products, electricity comes from solar energy. Sinbad Motor R & D and production of electric curtain motor DC power supply is used, with small size, low noise, low power consumption and other characteristics.

      The basic role of the curtains is nothing more than the protection of the owners of personal privacy and shade dust and other functions, but the traditional curtains you have to manually pull the day off early every night is also very troublesome, especially the villa or duplex large curtains, compare Heavy and long, it takes a lot of power to switch the curtains, which is very inconvenient. As a result, electric curtains have been rapidly developed in recent years and are widely used in intelligent buildings, high-end apartments, hotels and villas, and the like, as long as the remote control For a moment, the curtains automatically open and close (the shutters can be automatically rotated), which is very convenient. The intelligent electric curtain control system can also realize the advanced control functions of the curtains, such as the timer switch and scene control, so that the curtains become a beautiful landscape of modern home. The company is located in:

      First, the working principle of electric curtains

Electric curtain through the electric curtain motor to drive the curtain along the track back and forth movement, or through a set of mechanical devices to turn the blinds, and control the motor to achieve positive and negative. One of the core is the electric curtain motor, and now the market a lot of brands and types of motors, but in the end is nothing more than two categories: AC motor and DC motor.

Second, the characteristics of electric curtain system

1, applicability: with a variety of different file opening and closing speed, different occasions can choose different speeds. Power off, you can manually open and close the system.

2, security: curtain drive equipment equipped with reliable security fortification protection device, users can rest assured that the use.

3, compatibility: The system is equipped with manual, smart remote control button, remote control. When the curtains fully open or closed, the drive can stop working in time. As new technology emerges, as a new high-tech, linear motor technology has drawn wide attention from all walks of life and has quickly changed people's views on traditional things with its own technical features.

4, intelligent: The system timer controller can be 24 hours in advance to automatically turn on and off settings. In case of going out, the system will automatically open and close the curtains according to your habits at the same time every day to ensure safety. In addition, through the system-specific remote control and dedicated location code receiver set together, the system equipment can control different curtain system alone or at the same time.

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