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Five advantages of Coreless DC motor
- Sep 28, 2018 -

1. Product that requires smooth and long-lasting drag on the drive components. Such as all kinds of portable instrumentation, personal carry-on equipment, field equipment, electric vehicles, etc., the same set of power supply, the power supply time can be more than doubled



2. Various civil electrical appliances and industrial products. The coreless dc motor can be used as the actuator to improve the product quality and performance.



3. Take advantage of its high energy conversion efficiency and use it as a generator; Using its linear operation characteristics, also used as a speed generator; Equipped with a reducer, it can also be used as a torque motor.



4. Various aircraft, including aviation, aerospace, and aircraft models. The coreless dc motor has the advantages of light weight, small size and low energy consumption, which can minimize the weight of the aircraft.



5. A servo system requiring rapid response. For example, the flight direction of the missile is adjusted rapidly, the follow-up control of high multiplier optical drive, rapid automatic focus, highly sensitive recording and detection equipment, industrial robot, bionic prosthesis, etc., the electric function of coreless dc motor meets its technical requirements well.



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