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Four test items of Coreless motor gear motor
- Sep 28, 2018 -

Disadvantages of Coreless motor reduction motor:

When the dc motor is in a stationary state, if a phase winding cut off or cut off a phase plug in power, the magnetic field of the winding two equal, opposite rotating magnetic field, they and the interaction between the rotor and the torque is equal to the size, in the opposite direction cancel each other out, can't start the zero starting torque motor, gear motor that is hollow glass defects.

The disadvantages of the Coreless motor reduction motor are very dangerous faults. First, we need to check whether the dc motor is faulty, whether the power circuit has a break switch, whether there is a fuse, and then check whether the three phase windings have a break phenomenon.



1. Check whether the fitting size of the hole (or shaft) connected with the Coreless motor reduction motor is in line with the requirements.



2. The machine should be cleaned by mounting shaft before use. And check whether the installation shaft touch, dirt, if all should be cleaned.



3, pay attention to the using of the hollow glass of deceleration motor temperature is 0 ~ 40 .



4. Replace the plug at the highest position of the speed reduction motor with the exhaust screw plug to ensure that the air in the body is discharged when the speed reduction motor is running.

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