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Future motor development prospects
- Nov 02, 2018 -

Today's motor market conditions: Modern motors can also regulate, balance, and control the entire electromechanical system, and even many modern motors combine these two functions. Such a powerful and comprehensive function will inevitably put forward higher requirements for modern electric motors. These requirements are not only reflected in the design and production of modern electric motors, but also in the economy, applicability and development of products produced by modern electric machines.

Six major development directions of modern motors:

1、 From brush to brushless;

2、 Direct drive of modern motors;

3、 The speed of the motor;

4、 From the uniform speed to the speed change;

5、 The transition from large-scale to miniaturization and miniaturization;

6、 Intelligent.

Key technologies of modern motors:

1、 Simulation technology and design technology

2、 Energy efficient technology;

3、 Adaptability of extreme environments.

In summary, brushless, direct drive, extreme speed, speed control, miniaturization, servo, mechatronics and intelligence are the future development direction and development focus of modern motors. Each of them is constantly practiced in daily production and life, and it has been repeatedly demonstrated. Therefore, whether it is brushless, direct drive or mechatronics, intelligent is one of the indispensable elements of the future development of modern motors. In the future development of modern motors, we must also pay attention to its simulation technology, design technology, high-efficiency energy-saving technology and adaptability to extreme environments, so that modern electronic technology can be more benign development.

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