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Gear Reducer Motor Installation Precautions
- Mar 26, 2018 -

Gear reducer motor should pay attention to the following precautions before installation:

1. Precautions before installation of the gearmotor

a. Before installing, check the nameplate requirements on the geared motor to see if the power supply matches.

b. Check if the gear motor and reducer are in good condition.

c. Requirements for the working environment shall be in areas free from oil, acid, alkali, harmful gases, steam, and radioactive substances.

2. When installing the transmission part on the output shaft, it is not allowed to hit with a hammer. Usually, the assembly jig and the internal thread of the shaft end are used to press the transmission part with the bolt. Otherwise, the internal parts of the speed reducer may be damaged. It is best not to use steel fixed couplings, because improper installation of such couplings will cause unnecessary external loads, leading to early damage to the bearings and, in severe cases, even breaking of the output shaft.

3. The worm gear motor cannot apply a large load of reverse drive to the reducer (self-locking).

4. Thoroughly remove the preservatives, dirt, etc. on the surface of the shaft extension, flange, and keys with a solvent. Be careful not to allow the solvent to infiltrate into the oil seal when cleaning. Otherwise, the solvent may damage the oil seal.

5. The installation base of the geared motor should be reliable in strength and rigidity. The bases for vibration reduction, torsion, and pedestal wait for the support structure. The base must be dry and must not have grease.

6. The products with both the bottom of the box and the mounting flange must be guarded against each other during installation.

7. The minimum performance level of the basic helix is 8.8.

8. Couplings between gear motors working machines are recommended to use flexible couplings.

9. The load point of the radial load on the coupling, brake, clutch and gear assembly on the input and output shafts should be as close as possible to the shaft shoulder.

10. When the key hollow output shaft is connected with the working machine shaft, it should be coated with anti-rust oil. When it is loaded, it should be easily pushed in or pulled in with a screw, while the tight output of the hollow output shaft of the tight disk must not be oiled at the end of the tight-up disk. Oil, grease, the other end can be coated with anti-rust oil.

11. The input and output shafts and gears of the geared motor should be strictly aligned to the center axis. The requirements can reduce vibration and reduce noise, extend the life of the bearing, and ensure the normal operation of the geared motor.

12, in order to prevent accidents, so the rotating parts should be equipped with protective cover, cover.

13. Ensure that the vent caps of each geared motor are properly installed and that the ventilation is smooth. According to the provisions of the installation device to ensure that workers can easily close to the oil standard, ventilation plugs, drain plugs. After the installation is in place, the accuracy of the installation position shall be checked in full order and the reliability of the fasteners shall be tightly tightened. The reducer is lubricated with oil pool splash. Before the operation, the user needs to remove the plug of the air vent and replace it with a vent plug. According to different installation positions, and open the level plug screw to check the height of the oil level line, add oil from the oil level plug until the oil overflows from the level plug screw hole, and screw on the oil level plug to confirm the error. The test run shall not be less than 2 hours. The operation should be smooth, no impact, vibration, noise and leakage of oil, abnormalities should be promptly removed.

14, when the torque is required, it should be installed in a mutually free state

15, the installation of the lock must be solid and reliable, can not produce displacement in the work.

16, must install the grounding device to prevent electric shock accidents.

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